SmartStart is a Developmental Sensory Relationship-based Education Program. Its foundations are built solidly on Literacy, Language and Sensory-motor development.  We are a fully included school which means that all children, regardless of ability, are educated together!

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What We Offer

We offer developmentally tailored educational programs and services that meet the individual needs of all our children. If you are searching for a top quality program for your typically developing child, or if your child has special abilities, our Developmental Model is a dynamic, educational and above all fun way for children to learn and grow.

If your child does have special needs we also offer speech therapy, occupational therapy and comprehensive intervention programs provided in home or in conjunction with our school-based programs. At SmartStart Developmental Learning Center parents and children journey together!


Classes Available

All Classes are Full-Inclusion serving children with Special Abilities and Typical Development

Luminaries (ages 16mos-3 years)

This class is designed for our youngest students, this class has our lowest student teacher ratio and is also a full- inclusion model open for early intervention children who have some delays in their development as well as neighborhood toddlers who are ready for school! We believe in an intensive developmental-sensory-based curriculum and offer an active language-rich experiential classroom. This is our “Launch-Pad” classroom, we offer your child their first opportunity to be part of a social group, to begin to make friends and “learn how to learn”. There is a significant focus on language development and process-based, hands-on learning. Our Luminaries  team is led by an Early Intervention Teacher and 2 teaching assistants who are passionately committed to launching the children into their next classroom.

  • The children can attend 8-11am, 12-3pm or 8-3pm. The class is available 3,4,5 days per week.
  • This is our only class that offers a naptime: 11–12:30pm. And of course toilet training is not required.
  • Regional Center funded Children attend either 8–11am or 12–3pm.
  • Regional Center funded children can extend their day for an additional fee paid by parent.

Preschool and Elementary Classes

Available Classes

  • Gleamers ages 2-3
  • Radiators ages 3-4
  • Elementary
  • Kinder 4.9-5
  • Grades 1st-5th
For our children with Special Needs:
  • Ages 18mos -36 month Regional Center Funding available
  • Ages 3-10 years Non-Public School funding may be available through the child’s IEP

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