SmartStart’s Curriculum Model

SmartStart uses a Developmental model that brings education to life through passion, perspective and pursuit of learning processes that build for life! We develop cognitive connections one leap at a time! Our Developmental Model is unique in many ways, but primarily in that is designed to meet the needs of ALL children, regardless of whether they are meeting developmental milestones or have delays in development.

The learning environment looks and feels different; there is an intense focus on mobilizing children’s interests, supporting their unique sensory systems, and wooing children into interactive experiences.

It is designed to support a child’s development, identifies the child’s unique sensory processing profile and deficits, and captures the child’s heart and drive by harnessing their internal drivers (the loves of the child’s heart), enabling them to willingly climb the developmental ladder. Our model recognizes that children must have a warm connection with all the important people in their lives, and this includes their teachers, if they are going to climb this developmental ladder.

It is an integrated curriculum that addresses all areas of: neural-sensory development, comprehensive language development and integrates all core academics: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social & Community Studies.

It not only meets but exceeds all California State standards. We accomplish this by integrating: arts, music (instrumental & voice), drama, dance, multi-media art, sports-from a developmental perspective, character development, self­ possession, core values, moral intelligence, positive community, family and peer relationships and remains focused on the fact that Emotional Quotient drives Intelligence Quotient!

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